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Program Bulletin #2016-24 Clarification to CalHFA's Rate Lock Extension Options

Program Bulletin #2016-23 Update to CalHFA's Wire Account Policy and Elimination of the MSV-II Document

Program Bulletin #2016-22 Updates to CalHFA's Disclosure Requirements for CalHFA Subordinate Loans and the Zero Interest Program (ZIP)

Program Bulletin #2016-21 New Zero Interest Program Interest Rate Disclosure

Program Bulletin #2016-20 CalHFA Offers New Rate Lock Extension Options with Lower Fees

Program Bulletin #2016-19 Conventional High-Balance Loans Available November 1

Program Bulletin #2016-18 Updates to CalHFA Subordinate Loan Programs

Program Bulletin #2016-17 CalHFA Adds Additional Rate Lock Option

Did You Know?

Lenders receive a 1% Service Release Premium in addition to the origination fee on all CalHFA first mortgages!

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  • MyHome Assistance Program: Down payment and closing cost help for first-time homebuyers
  • CalPLUS with ZIP: 30-year, fixed rate first mortgage packaged with down payment assistance
  • New save energy and money CalEEM + Grant Additional 4% Grant for energy upgrades with a 30year fixed EEM Mortgage. Click for more info.
  • Grade A+ Extra Credit Teacher Program Extra financial help for staff at California public schools. Click for more info.
  • Tax credits- Mortgage Credit Certificate: Lower your taxes with our federal tax credit program. Click for more info.

Program Bulletins by Year - 2007

You can also use the list by subject if you are not sure of the year.

Date Title
#2007-45 Revision To All CalHFA Deeds Of Trust
#2007-44 Closing Requirements for Properties Needing Repairs
#2007-43 CalHFA Conventional Loan Underwriting Guidelines: Updated
#2007-42 Foreclosure Avoidance
#2007-41 Program Requirements Update
#2007-40 Revised Interest Rates
#2007-39 CalHFA Approved Lenders Certification of Property Conditions
#2007-38 California Wildfires
#2007-37 Revised Interest Rates
#2007-36 Revised Interest Rates
#2007-35 New Funding for CHDAP
#2007-34 Appraiser Requirements for CalHFA Loans
#2007-33 Reformation of Permanent Deed of Trust Suspension
#2007-32 Annual Recertification Requirements for CalHFA-approved Lenders
#2007-31 Revised Interest Rates
#2007-30 CalHFA Financing Rider Approved For Use With FHA/VA Loans
#2007-29 Acceptance of Fannie Mae’s Short Form Deed of Trust
#2007-28 Updated Sales Price Limits
#2007-27 Homeownership In Revitalization Areas Program
#2007-26 CalHFA Confidentiality Policy
#2007-25 Notice to Lenders Servicers Regarding West Nile Virus Alert
#2007-24 Revised Interest Rates
#2007-23 Program Requirements Reminder
#2007-22 Revised Interest Rate Schedule
#2007-21 CalHFA IOP Conforming Loans
#2007-20 Modification to the Builder-Lock (Block) Program
#2007-19 Revised Interest Rates
#2007-18 Revised Interest Rates
#2007-17 Updated Income Limits (Reduced)
#2007-16 Revised HiCAP
#2007-15 New Underwriting Procedures for CHDAP and HIRAP
#2007-14 Revised Interest Rates
#2007-13 Updated Conventional Loan Underwriting Guidelines
#2007-12 Revised Interest Rates
#2007-11 Revised Homeownership Program Documents
#2007-10 Corrected Income Limits
#2007-09 First-time Homebuyer Exemption for Veterans
#2007-08 Updated Income Limits CHDAP, HIRAP, and School Facility Fee Program
#2007-07 Updated Income Limits
#2007-06 Revised Interest Rates
#2007-05 Revision to School Facility Fee Down Payment Assistance Program (Program #1 – Economically Distressed Area)
#2007-04 Revised Program Requirements
#2007-03 Updated Sales Price Limits
#2007-02 Revised Loan Submission Checklist
#2007-01 Updated Tax Service Contract Fee