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News & Updates

Program Bulletin #2018-08 - 90-Day Rate Lock Option Eliminated

Program Bulletin #2018-07 - Elimination of APN Restriction

Program Bulletin #2018-06 - CalHFA to Purchase Loans Twice Weekly via ACH Transfer

Enews announcements can be found on our Archived Page

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  • cALhfa va: 30-year, fixed rate mortgage for veterans and armed service members. Click for more info.
  • New save energy and money CalEEM + Grant Additional 4% Grant for energy upgrades with a 30year fixed EEM Mortgage. Click for more info.
  • MyHome Assistance Program: Down payment and closing cost help for first-time homebuyers
  • CalPLUS with ZIP: 30-year, fixed rate first mortgage packaged with down payment assistance
  • Tax credits- Mortgage Credit Certificate: Lower your taxes with our federal tax credit program. Click for more info.
  • Grade A+ Extra Credit Teacher Program Extra financial help for staff at California public schools. Click for more info.

Program Bulletins by Year - 2016

You can also use the list by subject if you are not sure of the year.

CalHFA Program Bulletins are addendums to the Lender Program Manual and important communication tools to our lending partners. These bulletins are provided in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader to open and view them.

Bulletin # Title
#2016-25 Increased Loan Limits Effective January 1, 2017
#2016-24 Clarification to CalHFA's Rate Lock Extension Options
#2016-23 Update to CalHFA's Wire Account Policy and Elimination of the MSV-II Document
#2016-22 Updates to CalHFA's Disclosure Requirements for CalHFA Subordinate Loans and the Zero Interest Program (ZIP)
#2016-21 New Zero Interest Program Interest Rate Disclosure
#2016-20 CalHFA Offers New Rate Lock Extension Options with Lower Fees
#2016-19 Conventional High-Balance Loans Available November 1
#2016-18 Updates to CalHFA Subordinate Loan Programs
#2016-17 CalHFA Adds Additional Rate Lock Option
#2016-16 Update to the CalHFA Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Tax Credit Program Fees
#2016-15 Expansion of and Updates to the Extra Credit Teacher Home Purchase Program (ECTP)
#2016-14 Updated Sales Price Limits for the CalHFA Mortgage Credit Certificate Tax Credit Program
#2016-13 Updated Income Limits for all CalHFA Loan Programs and CalHFA Mortgage Credit Certificate Tax Credit Program
#2016-12 Updates to Annual Lender Recertifications
#2016-11 CalHFA Announces New Options for ZIP Down Payment Assistance and Changes to the MyHome Program
#2016-10 Acceptance of Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) for all CalHFA Subordinate Loans
#2016-09 CalHFA Announces Additional Master Servicer
#2016-08 Clarification to CalHFA's Disclosure Requirements for CalHFA Subordinate Loans
#2016-07 Increased Income Limits in High Cost Counties for CalHFA Conventional Loan Programs
#2016-06 CalHFA Releases Updated Lender Manual
#2016-05 New Net Funding Procedures for CalHFA Subordinate Loans
#2016-04 CalHFA Now Accepts Electronic Signatures on Affidavits and CalHFA Purchase Documents
#2016-03 Disclosure Requirements for CalHFA Subordinate Loans
#2016-02 Deeds of Trust Revisions for all CalHFA Subordinate Loans
#2016-01 FHA High Balance Loan Fee Due Ten Days After Closing

Archived Program Bulletins, sorted by year
All Program Bulletins, sorted by subject

Updates and changes will be announced from time to time via a Program Bulletin ("Program Bulletin" or "Program Bulletins") and Lenders should sign up for Enews announcements and monitor CalHFA’s website for specific Program Bulletin updates and changes to the Program Manual.

Whenever possible, CalHFA will provide its Lenders a five (5) business day notice via a CalHFA Program Bulletin or Enews announcement regarding program and policy changes.

Some exceptions may apply to the notification policy, such as daily interest rate announcements and changes directed by other state (e.g. State Treasurer’s Office), federal (e.g. GSEs, FHA) or private (e.g. Master Servicer and Mortgage Insurance provider) partners who have not allowed sufficient time for a 5-day notification.

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