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News & Updates

Program Bulletin #2018-05 - Updated and Simplified Income Limits for all CalHFA First Mortgage Programs

Program Bulletin #2018-04 - Leasehold Estates and Community Land Trusts

Program Bulletin #2018-03 - CalHFA to Offer Limited 203(k) Option on its FHA Loan Programs

Program Bulletin #2018-02 - Documentation and Representation and Warranty Relief for CalHFA Conventional Loan Programs Using Day 1 Certainty™

Program Bulletin #2018-01 - New CalHFA School Teacher and Employee Assistance Program and Discontinuation of Extra Credit Teacher Home Purchase Program

Video thumb Video: Cal-EEM + Grant helps homebuyers with $24,000 of energy upgrades

Enews announcements can be found on our Archived Page

Did You Know?

Lenders receive a 1% Service Release Premium in addition to the origination fee on all CalHFA first mortgages!

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  • cALhfa va: 30-year, fixed rate mortgage for veterans and armed service members. Click for more info.
  • New save energy and money CalEEM + Grant Additional 4% Grant for energy upgrades with a 30year fixed EEM Mortgage. Click for more info.
  • MyHome Assistance Program: Down payment and closing cost help for first-time homebuyers
  • CalPLUS with ZIP: 30-year, fixed rate first mortgage packaged with down payment assistance
  • Tax credits- Mortgage Credit Certificate: Lower your taxes with our federal tax credit program. Click for more info.
  • Grade A+ Extra Credit Teacher Program Extra financial help for staff at California public schools. Click for more info.

CalHFA Training

Types of Training Offered

Onsite Policy and Procedure Training

The Single Family Division offers free onsite training classes for CalHFA-approved lenders and their staff. Our onsite training is held throughout California in an effort to keep you well informed regarding our loan programs, borrower and property eligibility, processing, federal tax law, permanent and non-permanent resident verification, special programs, documentations and income calculations. We strongly encourage originators, processors and underwriters to attend. We will also accept attendance requests from nonprofit agencies whose main focus is affordable housing. Onsite training classes are approximately 4 hours in length.

To register for an onsite class, click on the desired training session. Onsite registration requests will be confirmed with the training location as long as space is available.

Webinar Policy and Procedure Training

Webinar training sessions are also offered for your convenience and are opened to all CalHFA-approved lenders and their staff. Webinars are approximately an hour in length. These sessions offer a good summary and overview of our programs, policies and procedures.

Webinar conference codes and important participant information will be emailed to you once your registration request has been acknowledged by CalHFA.

To register for a webinar, click on the desired webinar session. Our schedule changes monthly, so please check back to see if one of our webinar sessions is convenient for you.

CalHFA Purchase Review Training

CalHFA also offers a specialized class for your shipping department. This training session will cover stack order, document lists, and submission criteria to enable your loans to be purchased by the agency.

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