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NOTICE: The deadline for approval of any MHSA Housing Program Loan is May 30, 2016. Below are important MHSA Application deadlines

2016 MHSA Deadlines

Item Detail

Final Applications Due to CalHFA


CalHFA Approval of Loans/COSR's


Close MHSA Loans At Construction


Close & Fund MHSA Loans After Occupancy


Multifamily Developers/Managers - MHSA Closing

View photos & information of Funded MHSA Projects

Loan Closing Instructions (for both Rental & Shared Housing developments)
MHSA Predevelopment Loan Closing Checklist (for both Rental & Shared Housing developments)

Rental Housing

The following checklist are to be used when CalHFA is the Junior Lender. If CalHFA is the Senior Lender, please contact your Loan Administrator for the Senior Lender Checklist.

MHSA Construction/Rehab Loan Closing Checklist
Use if MHSA funds are needed prior to construction completion.

MHSA Post Loan Closing Checklist
Used in conjunction with the above checklist & submitted prior to occupancy.

MHSA Permanent Loan Closing Checklist
Use if MHSA fund aren't needed until after construction completion.

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Shared Housing

MHSA Construction/Rehab Loan Closing Checklist

MHSA Post Loan Closing Checklist

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Borrower Signature Election (Construction)

W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID Number

Amendment to Management Contract

The following forms are in a format that can be filled in electronically.

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Disclaimer: Each document is intended for informational purposes only. If your loan application is accepted by CalHFA, the loan documents specific to your transaction will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your transaction and may vary substantially from the documents posted here. The template loan documents are subject to change without notice. CalHFA does not warrant or represent that the covenants and conditions in the template documents will apply to your specific transaction.