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Program Contacts

Matt Mielewski

SNHP/MHSA Lead Housing Finance Officer
Phone: 310.342.5417
Fax: 310.342.1226

Tenant Assistance

Mental Health Ombudsman
Phone: 800.896.4042
County Mental Health Departments

MHSA Funding Deadlines

Item Detail

Close MHSA Loans At Construction


Close & Fund MHSA Loans After Occupancy


Multifamily Developers/Managers - MHSA Termsheets

Per the terms of the MHSA Term Sheet, each year, the maximum MHSA Capital Loan limits and the Capitalized Operating Subsidy Reserve (COSR) limits, per unit, increases by 4%. For 2016, these limits have increased from $131,593 to $136,857  per unit.

Counties may submit new MHSA funding proposals that request MHSA Capital Loan funding up to a maximum of $136,857 per MHSA regulated unit.

MHSA funding requests in excess of the allowable per unit loan or COSR limits will require a Waiver Request from the County that is subject to review and approval by CalHFA.

MHSA Term Sheet (09/30/2014)

Disclaimer: Each document is intended for informational purposes only. If your loan application is accepted by CalHFA, the loan documents specific to your transaction will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your transaction and may vary substantially from the documents posted here. The template loan documents are subject to change without notice. CalHFA does not warrant or represent that the covenants and conditions in the template documents will apply to your specific transaction.