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CalHFA Homeowners - Online Access Benefits

If you access your first loan online through the “Account Login” tab, you will have access to the following information or features 24 hours a day.

  • Current Loan Information – See current balance, interest rate, next payment due date and breakdown, and historical information such as original loan amount and first due date.
  • Loan Activity – View a history of payment transactions for about the last 24 months.
  • Escrow Information – View current analysis, tax and insurance information such as who is paid, when last paid and amount.
  • Tax and Interest Information – View last year’s property tax and interest information (This is not necessarily the information reported to the IRS.)
  • Amortization Schedule – View and print a schedule of how payments will be applied in the future based on your current loan balance and payment.
  • Coupons – Order a replacement set of coupons.
  • Loan Documents – Request certain loan documents.
  • Payoff Statement – Create and print a payoff statement for your loan.
  • One Time Drafting – Set up a payment to draft one time from your checking or savings account for today, if a weekday, or up to 90 days in the future. You can also set up multiple payments. There is no cost for this service. (Continuous drafting is available through our office by setting up our free CAMP program.)
  • Late Payment Options – Set up payment plans and submit secure financial information.
  • Year End Information – View and print up to the last two year’s year end statements and IRS 1098 forms.
  • Secure Message – Contact us using secure communications that is not sent through the internet.
  • Personal Preferences – View and change your personal contact information, password, security questions, email address, and sign up for automatic notification of certain events that occur on your loan, such as payments applied, taxes paid, and insurance paid.
  • News – Upcoming Events are often posted on the initial page of your online access.

Register today at Registration and start enjoying the free benefits available online immediately