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CalHFA's Homebuyer Education

ONLINE: eHome's eight-hour Homebuyer Education and Counseling course is the only online course accepted by CalHFA. (fee: $99) Other online courses like Frameworks are not acceptable because they do not provide a one-hour, 1-on-1 counseling follow-up session.

IN-PERSON: face-to-face Homebuyer Education through NeighborWorks America or any HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency

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Call Toll Free 877.9.CalHFA (877.922.5432)

CalHFA Loan Modification Program

CalHFA understands that many people are dealing with financial challenges right now, and CalHFA, in partnership with our loan servicers, has a loan modification program to help qualified CalHFA borrowers with conventional loans stay in their homes.

Here's How We Can Help

Our goal is to help keep you in your home. If you are worried that you might fall behind on your payments or have already missed payments, our loan servicers will work with you to determine your eligibility for one or more of these possible solutions:

  • Temporarily suspending monthly mortgage payments
  • An extended term repayment schedule
  • Temporarily reducing the interest rate
  • Extending the term of the loan
  • Possible application of federal funds for past due amounts
  • Possible application of federal funds for partial principal reduction

Your Next Steps

Call your servicer at one of the numbers listed below, you will be asked to provide the following documents (your servicer will send you a package to complete):

  1. Hardship Letter explaining the reason for delinquency with supporting documentation to verify hardship. Supporting documentation must NOT be more than 90 days old.
  2. "Borrower Financial Information Form" showing a complete list of all monthly expenses including credit cards, Loans, groceries, utilities, child care, insurance, gasoline, etc.
  3. Signed "Borrower Authorization to Obtain Information" to authorize us to obtain Credit Reports, Appraiser/Broker price opinion, or a property inspection if needed.
  4. The most recent two months of pay check stubs for all borrowers. These must also show the year-to-date income from the employer.
  5. Documentation to verify all supplemental income, if any.
  6. The last two (2) years signed federal tax returns for all borrowers including all schedules and K-1s. If self-employed, provide two years signed business tax returns and YTD Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.
  7. The most recent two months of bank statements for all checking and savings accounts for all borrowers. These must be complete statements (not just the first page).
  8. Last two months of all utility bills: gas/electric, sewer, water, garbage, cable, cellular phone bills, landline telephone bills.
  9. Homeowners Association bill, if applicable.
  10. Current homeowners insurance declaration page.

The more complete your package is at submission, the quicker your loan servicer can determine your eligibility for assistance and the best possible available solution for you.

You may be asked to go through loan/credit counseling at your Loan Servicer's discretion. To find the contact information for HUD-certified counseling agencies in your area, you should call HUD at 800-569-4287. This information is also available on HUD’s website at:

Program Description

If you are a servicer of CalHFA loans or a counselor assisting homeowners, you can find detailed information in the Program Description.


To find a HUD-Certified counselor call 800.569.4287 or visit HUD's web site at

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Servicers' Contact Information

Your application for loan modification must be processed through the servicer that currently services your loan. Please find your servicer in the list below and call them directly to find out if you qualify for the CalHFA Loan Modification Program.

Other Servicer Phone

Web Site or Email

CalHFA 800.669.1079 Please call CalHFA to speak to a loan counselor.
CitiMortgage 866.272.4749 Homeowner Assistance
EverHome 800.669.7724
Guild Mortgage 800.365.4884 (Email)
Wells Fargo 866.234.8271 Home Assistance


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