Single Family Programs

Single Family Loan Servicing

The Loan Servicing division provides service to the Agency's portfolio of single family loans. The division receives and processes payments, manages loans to minimize delinquencies and communicate with existing CalHFA borrowers.


  • Continued servicing more than 7,200 first mortgage loans.
  • Implemented new system changes to include reducing interest rates, principal forgiveness and principal forbearance. These changes allowed homeowners to receive more than $13.6 million in much-needed assistance from Keep Your Home California, a CalHFA-managed federal program.
  • Established agreements to meet the new modification program.
  • Implemented Homeowner Bill of Rights and FHA rules and regulations into collections, loss mitigation and foreclosure.
  • Lowered delinquency rate to 10.7%.
  • Completed 291 short sales on first mortgages and 226 short sales on subordinate loans.
  • Completed 217 loan modifications, including 169 homeowners who received assistance from Keep Your Home California.
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