Board of Directors

Members of the Board (FY 13/14)

Matthew Jacobs**
CalHFA Board Chair
Co-Managing Partner
Bulldog Partners, LLC
Claudia Cappio*
Executive Director
California Housing
Finance Agency
State of California
Ken Alex*
Office of Planning
and Research
State of California
Janet Falk***

Tia-Boatman Patterson**
General Counsel
Sacramento Housing
and Redevelopment Agency
Anna Caballero***
Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency
State of California
Peter J. Gravett
Department of
Veterans Affairs
State of California

Preston Prince
CEO and Executive Director
Fresno Housing Authority
Michael J. Cohen*
Department of Finance
State of California

Michael A. Gunning**
Vice President
Personal Insurance Federation
of California

Dalila Sotelo
The Sotelo Group
Randall Deems
Acting Director
Department of Housing
and Community Development
State of California
Jonathan C. Hunter
JCHunter Consulting

Bill Lockyer
State Treasurer, Office of the State Treasurer, State of California (not pictured)

* Non-voting **Audit Committee Member ***Executive Evaluation Committee Member