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Loan Servicing Subordinate Loan

Alert: On June 15, 2020 CalHFA updated our Subordinate Borrower Access Portal to enhance security and allow our borrowers additional access to their loan account information. All borrowers will be required to register as new users as of June 15, 2020. Please access the updated system here.

This system is restricted to CalHFA authorized users for business purposes only. Unauthorized access or use is a violation of CalHFA policy. This system is monitored for administrative and security reasons. By clicking “Login” “Register Account” or “Forgot Password” you acknowledge that (1) you have read and understand this notice and (2) you consent to the system monitoring and (3) you agree to the Privacy Policycy-information-safeguarding-policy.pdf">Privacy Policy and Usage Policy of this website.

If you are seeking a document not posted for viewing on our website, please submit a request for an accessible version. An accessible document means the document has been formatted to be read aloud by a screen reader or other assistive technologies. Public Records Act Requests can be submitted to CalHFA's Public Records Officer by email:

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