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CalHFA Indicative Multifamily Interest Rates

Acquistion /
Rehabilitation Loan1,4
2 year UST = 0.16% 2
(No Forward)
10 year UST =0.65% 2
(1 year Forward)
10 year UST = 0.65% 2
(2 year Forward)
10 year UST = 0.65% 2
(3 year Forward)
10 year UST =0.65% 2
Indicative Spread 52.00% 2.45%2.60%2.75%2.90%
Indicative Rate 52.16% 3.10%3.25%3.40%3.55%
Indicative Spread 52.50% 3.10%3.20%3.25%3.30%
Indicative Rate 52.66% 3.75%3.85%3.90%3.95%
Small Loan
Indicative Spread 52.50% 2.90%3.00%3.05%3.10%
Indicative Rate 52.66% 3.55%3.65%3.70%3.75%


1) Assumes funds are to be drawn up-front. All-in rates include mortgage insurance premium, cost of issuance.
2) Rates provided by U.S. Department of the Treasury - Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates as of 05/29/2020.
3) CalHFA is required to be conduit issuer or lender for short term Construction or Rehabilitation Loan.
4) Interest Only, Up to 36 Months
5) Acquisition/Rehabilation spread assumes a blended rate with typical loan amounts.

Disclaimer: For information and discussion purposes only. All information herein is indicative, and subject to changes in market conditions, credit evaluations, and other factors. Some of the information is based on generally available information and, although obtained from sources CalHFA believes to be reliable, may be inaccurate or incomplete. This communication does not constitute an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell any financial instrument or other product. This indicative rates and terms do not fully represent the material information necessary to analyze the products. To find out more, please contact Michael Carroll, 916.326.8806,

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