Program Bulletins - Loss Mitigation

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CalHFA Program Bulletins are addendums to the Lender Program Manual and important communication tools to our lending partners. These bulletins are provided in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader to open and view them.

Program Bulletins
Bulletin # Title
#2014-04 Revisions to FHA-Mod/HAMP Loan Modification Program - #2014-04
#2013-10 Revision(s) to CalHFA's Conventional Loan Modification/Recast Processes When Using Keep Your Home California's Principal Reduction Program- Recast Funds - #2013-10
#2013-04 Rental Policy for CalHFA Loans - #2013-04
#2012-10 Replacement of CalHFA Loan Modification Program (CMP) with CMP 2.0 - #2012-10
#2012-08 CalHFA Approves Federal Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) for Use by Outside Servicers - #2012-08
#2012-06 Revised Foreclosure and Conventional Claim Filing Instructions - #2012-06
#2012-01 Rental Policy and Procedures for CalHFA Financed Properties - #2012-01
#2011-27 Enforcement of Borrower Occupancy Policy, Applications for CalHFA Consent to Rent and Foreclosure Moratorium - #2011-27
#2011-12 Conventional Loan Short Sale Mortgage Insurance Claim Filing - #2011-12
#2011-11 Foreclosure Avoidance & Loss Mitigation for CalHFA FHA, VA & USDA/RHS (Government Loans) Using Keep Your Home California Programs - #2011-11
#2011-10 Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc (MERS) and the Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Processing Update - #2011-10
#2011-07 CalHFA Loan Modification Program - Update Using Keep Your Home California - #2011-07
#2011-06 Keep Your Home California Summary - #2011-06
#2011-04 Changes to CalHFA Mortgage Insurance Claim Paying Procedures - #2011-04
#2009-25 FHA-HAMP Loan Modification Program #2009-25
#2009-14 Foreclosure Avoidance and Loss Mitigation Program - #2009-14

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Program Bulletin #2019-11 - New Mailing Address on CalHFA Subordinate Deed of Trust

Program Bulletin #2019-10 - CalHFA Opens Reissuance of MCCs to any Lender

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