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Next Board Meeting

Dates, Locations and Board Materials for upcoming Board Meetings.

Press & Media

CalHFA press releases, articles that have appeared in newspapers and other media.

2015/2016 Annual Report

The FY 2015/2016 Annual Report and its supporting documents are now available online.

What's New: Press Releases, Program Bulletins and Announcements

Below is a list of CalHFA Press Releases, Program Bulletins and other announcements for the past three months. If you would like receive notification of announcements as they are released, please visit our Enews Announcements page to sign up for email notifications.

Date Announcement
January 18, 2017 Program Bulletin #2017-02 - Updates to Resubordination Process For All CalHFA Subordinate Loans
January 4, 2017 Program Bulletin #2017-01 - CalHFA Streamlines Lender Application and Lender Recertification
December 20, 2016 Program Bulletin #2016-25 - Increased Loan Limits Effective January 1, 2017
December 2, 2016 Housing Matters Newsletter - Volume 28
November 10, 2016 Press Release 2016-11-10 - CalHFA Helps California Veterans Obtain Affordable Housing
November 3, 2016 Press Release 2016-11-03 - CalHFA Expands Down Payment Assistance Program for California Public School Employees
November 1, 2016 Program Bulletin #2016-24 - Clarification to CalHFA's Rate Lock Extension Options
October 12, 2016 Program Bulletin #2016-23 - Update to CalHFA's Wire Account Policy and Elimination of the MSV-II Document
October 11, 2016 Program Bulletin #2016-22 - Updates to CalHFA's Disclosure Requirements for CalHFA Subordinate Loans and the Zero Interest Program (ZIP)
October 11, 2016 Program Bulletin #2016-21 - New Zero Interest Program Interest Rate Disclosure
October 5, 2016 Program Bulletin #2016-20 - CalHFA Offers New Rate Lock Extension Options with Lower Fees
October 5, 2016 Program Bulletin #2016-19 - Conventional High-Balance Loans Available November 1
October 5, 2016 Program Bulletin #2016-18 - Updates to CalHFA Subordinate Loan Programs