Privacy Notice on Collection: The Leads Program

Privacy Notice

Your personal information is requested by the Leads Program Manager, California Housing Finance Agency ("CalHFA"). The authority which authorizes the collection of your personal information by CalHFA is the Information Practices Act of 1977 ("IPA") (California Civil Code Sections 1798-1798.78). Personal information collected by CalHFA is subject to the limitations in the IPA and state policy. The principal purpose for which this information is used is for assisting potential borrowers to find appropriate loan products. The only known or foreseeable disclosure which may be made of this information is to our approved lenders' Preferred Loan Officers. When completing this form, you should not provide personal information that is not requested. Submission of your information is voluntary. The consequences of not providing all of the requested information is that you will not be referred to a Preferred Loan Officer. You have the right to access records containing your personal information maintained by CalHFA by contacting the Leads Program Manager at CalHFA, Leads Program Manager, 500 Capitol Mall, Ste. 1400 (MS990), Sacramento, CA 95814, 916.326.8610, Please refer to the CalHFA Information Practices Act Policy and the CalHFA Privacy and Information Safeguarding Policy for more information. You may access these policies on our website, or call 916.326.8496 to have a free copy sent to you.

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