What's New: Press Releases, Program Bulletins and Announcements

Below is a list of CalHFA Press Releases, Program Bulletins and other announcements for the past three months. If you would like receive notification of announcements as they are released, please visit our eNews Announcements page to sign up for email notifications.

Recent Announcements
Date Announcement
February 20, 2024 CalHFA eNews: CalHFA Announces Dream For All Phase 2
February 1, 2024 Program Bulletin #2024-04 - Updated Subordinate Loan Documents
January 18, 2024 Program Bulletin #2024-03 - CalHFA to Administer Next Round of Dream For All Shared Appreciation Loan Funding
January 17, 2024 Program Bulletin #2024-02 - Updated CalHFA State Reporting Disclosure
January 16, 2024 Program Bulletin #2024-01 - CalHFA Updated Lender Manual
December 28, 2023 Program Bulletin #2023-14 - CalHFA ADU Grant Program Update
December 19, 2023 Program Bulletin #2023-13 - Increased Loan Limits and Updated Maximum Loan Amount for CalHFA VA
November 27, 2023 Program Bulletin #2023-12 - CalHFA allocated additional funding for the CalHFA ADU Grant Program
November 15, 2023 CalHFA eNews: Grand Opening for ARY Place apartments
November 9, 2023 Program Bulletin #2023-11 - Change in Extension Fees on CalHFA’s First Mortgage Loan Products