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CalHFA Is Changing Its Fee Structure

For years, CalHFA has tried to minimize the fees we charge for various services that we provide. Unfortunately, as costs have risen and the volume of services being requested has increased, it has become necessary to institute new fees and to adjust some of our old fees. As an agency of the State of California, it is our fiduciary responsibility to minimize the Agency's expenses. The new fee structure will take effect November 15, 2016.


Wherever possible we have tried to make many of these services available through our online loan accesses and in most of those cases, since individual staff time and printing is not required, those services will continue to be free. Some of the services that will continue to be free online for first loans are Amortization Schedules, limited Loan Histories, One Time Drafts, and Current Loan Information which can sometimes be used for Verification of Mortgage requests. Loan Histories and Current Loan Information are available free on the subordinate loan site.


The new fee structure is available here.



If you make monthly payments to CalHFA for your first mortgage, or if you have a subordinate mortgage with CalHFA, you can access online information regarding your loan(s) by accessing this tab. 

Benefits to accessing your first loan online

If you make your mortgage payment to another servicer, you must contact them to get information about your loan. Their contact information will be listed either in your coupon book or on your monthly billing statement.

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