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Loan Servicing's
Office Address:

Loan Servicing - MS 980
P.O. Box 4034
Sacramento, CA 95812-4034

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Loan Servicing office and operations have moved to CalHFA's Headquarters in Sacramento:

Send Payments To: CalHFA Loan Servicing - P.O. Box 13819, Sacramento, CA 95853-3819

Physical Location: Single Family Servicing, 500 Capitol Mall - 14th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814

US Postal: Single Family Servicing - MS 980, P.O. Box 4034, Sacramento, CA 95812-4034

Package Delivery: Single Family Servicing - MS 980, 500 Capitol Mall, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95814


All phone numbers will remain the same


If you make monthly payments to CalHFA for your first mortgage, or if you have a subordinate mortgage with CalHFA, you can access online information regarding your loan(s) by accessing this tab. 

Benefits to accessing your first loan online

If you make your mortgage payment to another servicer, you must contact them to get information about your loan. Their contact information will be listed either in your coupon book or on your monthly billing statement.

First Mortgage Login

If you make your monthly mortgage payment to CalHFA use the link below to log into your account.

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Second/Subordinate Mortgage Login

If you have a "second" or "subordinate" loan with CalHFA use the link below to log into your account.

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