Archived MTSP Income & Rent Limits

Placed in Service (PIS) Dates:

  • For acquisition/rehab developments, use the project's* acquisition PIS date
  • For rehab-only developments, use the project's* rehab PIS date
  • For new construction, use the project's* Certification of Occupancy date

* Each building in the development must be treated as a separate project for LIHTC purposes unless the owner elects to treat the buildings collectively as one property per Form 8609, Part II, question 8b. If buildings are collectively treated as one project, the PIS date of the first building is the applicable PIS date

Requests for previous periods rental and income limits shall be sent to An Asset Management staff member will provide the requested rental and income limits.

Additional Resource:

Novogradac & Company LLP, as a courtesy to the LIHTC industry, has made available their
Rent and Income Limit Calculator

Income Limit Disclaimer

The compliance with IRC 42 and the Regulations is solely the responsibility of the owner of the project and the owner is solely responsible for the consequences of any non-compliance. The determination of maximum income and rent limits is complex and the use of a Tax Credit Professional is recommended.