Federally Designated Targeted Areas

What is a Targeted Area?

Areas that are "targeted" by the Federal Government were identified in the 2010 Census as areas in California where 70 percent of the families who live there earn an income that is 80 percent or less than the statewide median income. Forty-five (45) of California's 58 counties have targeted areas - with 37 percent of the areas located in Los Angeles County.

(While cities, counties and other governmental agencies may also have specific areas in their jurisdiction "targeted" for other program purposes, only those census tracts identified by the Federal Government as "targeted" are used for CalHFA's purposes, as it relates to a waiver of the first-time homebuyer requirement on the MCC program, sales price limits and certain income limits.)


How do I locate Targeted Areas in California?

  • If you know the census tract number: Use the IRS list of 2014 Qualified Census Tracts by county.
  • If you have a street address: Visit HUD's interactive QCT Map and enter the property address to view what Census Tract the property is located. Once you have the census tract number then compare it with the IRS list of 2014 Qualified Census Tracts to see if you have a match.
  • If you don't have a tract number or a street address: Visit HUD's interactive QCT Map and enter a State & County to determine the QCTs in the neighborhood that you are looking for a property. (see sample map below)

Sample Interactive QCT Map:

HUD.gov page showing map

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