Program Bulletins by Year - 2019

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CalHFA Program Bulletins are addendums to the Lender Program Manual and important communication tools to our lending partners. These bulletins are provided in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Reader to open and view them.

2019 Program Bulletins
Bulletin # Title
#2019-26 Updated Sales Price Limits
#2019-25 Increased Conventional and Government Loan Limits Effective January 1, 2020
#2019-24 Change in Extension Fees on CalHFA’s First Mortgage Loan Products
#2019-23 3.00% Maximum Loan Amount on MyHome With CalHFA’s Conventional, VA or USDA First Loan Programs
#2019-22 Updated Minimum Credit Score Requirements for All Borrowers
#2019-21 Updated CalHFA Subordinate Deed of Trust Reflecting MERS Changes
#2019-20 Discontinuation of the Cal-EEM + Grant Loan Program
#2019-19 Extension Fee Reduction on CalHFA's First Mortgage Loan Products
#2019-18 Correction to recent Program Bulletin on HUD 184 Loan Option to CalHFA's FHA Loan Program
#2019-17 Fannie Mae’s Lender Letter LL-2019-06 effect on CalHFA
#2019-16 CalHFA to Open its Conventional Loan Programs to all Mortgage Insurance Companies
#2019-15 CalHFA to Offer the HUD Section 184 Loan Option on its FHA Loan Programs
#2019-14 CalHFA Launches New CalHFA USDA Loan Program
#2019-13 Updated Income Limits for All CalHFA First and Subordinate Mortgages
#2019-12 New Interest Rate for the MyHome and School Program
#2019-11 New Mailing Address on CalHFA Subordinate Deed of Trust - #2019-11
#2019-10 CalHFA Opens Reissuance of MCCs to any Lender - #2019-10
#2019-09 CalHFA's Deed of Trust Title Change - #2019-09
#2019-08 Lower Interest Rates for Conventional Loans with no Subordinates - #2019-08
#2019-07 CalHFA to Add a 2% ZIP Option and Eliminate the 4% ZIP Option - #2019-07
#2019-06 CalHFA to Offer Lower Interest Rates on Conventional First Mortgages for Certain Eligible Borrowers - #2019-06
#2019-05 Elimination of Resubordination Process - #2019-05
#2019-04 New Interest Rate for the MyHome and School Program - #2019-04
#2019-03 One Promissory Note and One Deed of Trust for All CalHFA Subordinate Loans - #2019-03
#2019-02 New Borrower's Affidavit and New Restriction on Non-Occupant Co-Signors - #2019-02
#2019-01 CalHFA to Use Lender's Credit Qualifying Income - #2019-01

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